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Kittypie070, 2016-05-18 03:15 »

A followup: The blue-white tint of smartphone screens bothers me a little bit.

If I ever get off my ass and actually side-load the pretties I've chosen into my wonderful new toy, I'm going for lots of fiery colours, especially red.

I have a nice little 8GB SD chip for the thing and I'm just waiting for the mood to strike.

The burning intensity of the otherwise nice Microsoft Blue in Windows XP gave me so much eyestrain that I installed red/dark red/gold themes on it all for the years and years that I used that OS.

I like red very much. I don't know why I find it so soothing, especially when it's shining from a chunk of hardware. That seems to go against colour psychology.

!, 2016-04-01 02:23 »

When I realized about that teal and orange thing, I haven't been able to enjoy many movies due to it in years. As a matter of fact, I almost don't even rent or watch such movies anymore. Makes me want to puke, so many good movies, destroyed. :sick:

(Not to mention the camera shake as well, which isn't too much used these days, which is nice.)

TmEE, 2016-03-31 18:38 »

That's something I cannot unsee ever now lol

!, 2016-03-30 03:54 »

You are a smart one. Not many have noticed that trend. You will probably "like" these:

Teal and orange - Hollywood, please stop the madness.

What is the deal with teal and orange?

Hollywood's teal obsession reaches new low.

...yeah, the blur bastards seem to have started to vanish slowly, which is nice. Teal and orange is still going strong, however.

:sick: :sick: :sick:

Oh p00p, the ubiquity of Orange/Blue...

Kittypie070, 2016-03-29 05:18 »

I'm presently plowing my way through a huge treasure trove of 800x960 smartphone wallpapers. ... ?t=1212596

It's a rather impressive resource with a lot of genuinely good and usable material no matter one's taste in phone wallpapers, and I'm having a fun time :razz:

I had already known from elsewhere in the Net that the Blue/Orange phenomenon had become a common convention in graphics design. Posters, movies, what-have-you. Common. Kinda like....houseflies. So I really wasn't surprised to find it creeping into the images that ended up in my increasingly huge "junk" folder.

What set my teeth on edge however was that I had to discard a whole pile of 50 or 60 otherwise usable planet wallpapers from one fileset because BLUE/ORANGE had crept very unsubtly into that category, and I was in absolutely no mood to play with them. UGH.

Planet images are the last place one should find that oh god blue!!! orange!!! please just go away!!! crap. It's ridiculous, even when the planet images are spun directly out of some graphics designer's head and not by Nature.

On a much happier note: Judging from the sorting process through the first half of the collection, it seems that the accursed blur bastardy might be declining in popularity.

I certainly hope so.