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Steven W, 2014-04-26 18:14 »

Non Hic wrote:Sorry, didn't mean to go on an off topic rant. :mrgreen:

Aww, naughty! Someone will have to close the thread. Oh wait, we have freedom!! :P

!, 2014-04-24 13:20 »

Steven W wrote:...Why on earth they picked the one they used and locked theming down will forever be beyond me...

Because they are control maniac fools! They want to dictate to you, me and others what we should like. What colors and what themes we are allowed to use. Just like the shit they did with Windows 8.x.

If they decide that me, you and others are not allowed to see Aero Glass effect anymore, then they remove it and do whatever the hell they want. Those fools at Microsoft, have probably no understanding of the "different people like different things" concept or perhaps they do understand that concept, but because they are control maniac dictator types, they don't want you, me and others to have such options.

Only what the emperor decides is good for the people. Remove all kinds of choices for those dumb masses. That's their mantra and they keep chanting it over and over again in Web sites such as Neowin or Ars Technica.

You can see this in the digital world but it is also the same in the real world. That is the current and sad state of humanity.

Just like the Neowin retards, most people seem to like being slaves. Being slaves to ideas, concepts, colors and whatever it may be, as long as these idiots feel like slaves, they will be happy. After all, the slave masters will take care of them! Right?

...right? ;) :|

Creepy stuff I tell you. :?

Ps. Like when we, in here, had members leaving us because they were having TOO MUCH freedom! They flocked back to MSFN. They like being ruled by fools and dictator types of people. It makes them feel all fuzzy and warm. Just like with those Microsoft fools, they can all go fuck themselves!

Ds. Sorry, didn't mean to go on an off topic rant. :mrgreen:

Steven W, 2014-04-23 21:53 »

The one thing that Microsoft almost got right in XP, in my opinion, was the theming. Why on earth they picked the one they used and locked theming down will forever be beyond me.

If you patch UXTheme you can use others, one of my favorite is Royale Remixed: ... d-44294818

Which is based of of Microsoft's never officially released Royale (Something else they *almost* got right).

!, 2014-04-21 21:39 »

I never used Windows XP much. I jumped from hm, I think Windows 98 to Windows 2000 and from then on, I always used the server versions. I think that I used Windows Server 2003 instead of XP. I couldn't stand the "ugly" look of XP. Who would have known that compared to Windows 8.x, it actually looks excellent?

Hell, I even miss the good old Windows XP look now. Windows 8.x is so... so... well, how should I put it... foolishly designed! :lol:

Win2k was an excellent operating system. Funny, I didn't use a firewall with it. I guess I was young and stupid. :mrgreen:

Steven W, 2014-04-20 16:58 »

For your information:

The installer works too!

Browser still supporting Win 2K

Steven W, 2014-04-20 04:33 »

Heh, just installed Win 2K and applied some updates, including Service Pack 4. Was looking for a browser and found this treat:

Using the portable version, not sure about the installer.