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Steven W, 2024-04-08 03:05 »

Well I didn't know: ... .html#SEC5 (WGET manua):
`-w seconds'
Wait the specified number of seconds between the retrievals. Use of this option is recommended, as it lightens the server load by making the requests less frequent. Instead of in seconds, the time can be specified in minutes using the m suffix, in hours using h suffix, or in days using d suffix. Specifying a large value for this option is useful if the network or the destination host is down, so that Wget can wait long enough to reasonably expect the network error to be fixed before the retry.
What's even funnier, I was trying to do something very similar to this:

If you don't want Wget to wait between every retrieval, but only between retries of failed downloads, you can use this option. Wget will use linear backoff, waiting 1 second after the first failure on a given file, then waiting 2 seconds after the second failure on that file, up to the maximum number of seconds you specify. Therefore, a value of 10 will actually make Wget wait up to (1 + 2 + ... + 10) = 55 seconds per file. Note that this option is turned on by default in the global `wgetrc' file.
I guess it's a case of 'know thy tool'.

Steven W, 2022-04-10 05:55 »

Eh, this may be the answer I choose.

Steven W, 2022-04-10 05:07 »

Oh yeah, I don't want this limited to XP, but ideally would run on XP and 2000 without modding. I have seen solutions using PING, but that seems kinda cheesy.

This guy's netsh works well on XP:

Still kinda a cheesy kludge though.

Steven W, 2022-04-10 05:01 »

Was looking into a semi-timer on XP. This sorta sucks, CHOICE, SLEEP and TIMEOUT are not included by default. I'm toying with the idea of using a counter:

pseudo script:

set x=0
set /a x+=1
if %x% EQU 9500 GOTO :WHATEVS:

I don't need something really precise, ideally just pause between 3-5 seconds. Counting to 9500 takes approximately 5 seconds on my current test machine. What all would affect that? CPU speed? Cores/Multiple Processorers?

Steven W, 2020-01-24 05:19 »

Self-destructing BAT:

Add this to the end:

(goto) 2>nul & del "%~f0"

Gonna be using this relatively soon :clap:

!, 2015-12-31 12:12 »

This is pretty good too, it will show you the actual countdown:

Code: Select all

setlocal enableDelayedExpansion

FOR /l %%N in (7 -1 1) do (
  set /a "min=%%N/60, sec=%%N%%60, n-=1"
  IF !sec! lss 10 set sec=0!sec!
  CHOICE /C:YNX /M "Do you want me to say 'Hello world'? [Y/N] (!min!:!sec!) " /T:1 /D:X /N


echo NO.
echo Nothing was chosen.

!, 2015-12-31 11:52 »

Code: Select all

CHOICE /C YN /N /T 7 /D N /M "[Y]es or [N]o? (Defaults to "No" in 7 seconds.)"
echo YES!
goto :break
echo NO!
goto :break

Batch Files Commands

PROBLEMCHYLD, 2015-12-31 07:00 »

How do you add close to a script after so many seconds if an option is not chose.


Option 1 BLah Blah

Option 2 Blaaah Blahhhh

If one of the options is not chose after 5 seconds close the batch.

How to do this anybody?