Have you ever found something really badly designed? Something which obscurity of its functions makes it hard to understand its use? Something almost unusable to a point it would drive you mad using it too often? Perhaps, a fool's design? Then you have come to the right place. Post your findings here and help making the world a saner place.
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2014-07-05 16:31 »

You know what the problem with the Windows graphical user interface is?

It's the fact that the idiots at Microsoft keep changing it on each version. Instead of improving upon it, they completely change it.

On top of that, they make their best effort to prevent you from using the old user interface which you perhaps loved. The way they feel that they must dictate what colors, what size buttons etc. that their users (customers) "should like", shows their arrogance.

When you bring something new to the table every damn time, there is not much chance of incremental improvements.

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Instead of slowly refining something into a beautiful gem, they keep churning out shit in a haste. :sick:

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2014-07-07 15:24 »

Maybe MS deliberately made Windows 8.x's interface repugnant as their statisticians ran the numbers and predicted that based on past experience in terms of sales of their OS's which got bad and/or mixed reviews, their market share still held strong, and still holds strong to this day. With that in mind, they may have predicted that they'd make more of a profit with Windows 9 considering the gargantuan contrast to its predecessor which everybody will see upon release. The whole Sinofsky and Ballmer movie could have just all been a big planned show.

What goes on behind closed doors will most likely never be found out, but I, for one, don't think Microsoft's as stupid as everybody makes them out to be. The more I look into it, Windows 8 seems like no mistake when you evaluate the entire picture.

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