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2014-02-24 16:02 »

Looks like ZDNet removed the Windows 8 section, because Windows 8 is an OS that isn't worth having its own special category. ZDNet is riddled with ads, and the site layout is awful. If you're searching for a specific article that didn't get categorized in one of the sections found at the navigation bar, you'll have to search for it or browse page-by-page through all the fluff until you find it. Truly idiotic. I very seldom go to CNET anymore; just look at how much crap is on their main page but how little relevant info you actually get. It's full of pictures and big text, and that isn't my forte. ZDNet is the same way, and the web designers need to take a lesson on what minimalism is and means. I prefer http://www.theregister.co.uk, as that's a true computer site with people that truley know about operating systems, computers, and programming. CBS Interactive's sites are charlatan sites.

By the way: why don't you employ some decent writers that don't sing Microsoft praises all day long.

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2014-02-24 16:41 »

This whole one big picture and no other content is really filthy. Some moron in some department probably kept pushing "mobile mobile mobil" and for some reason, they think that mobile users only need one picture to look at and no other content.

Just look at beta.slashdot.org's information density compared to the current slashdot.org. What a fucking joke. Most of the time, I can BARELY even get ONE full story in a page! LOL! If I get one and a half story, I consider myself lucky! *lol*

On the "old" slashdot.org, I can get three and a half, sometimes four stories in one page.

And that story picture, WHAT THE FUCK IS IT SO HUGE? Takes up half a screen! :evil:

Oh, and when you resize your window, it won't follow your window size. It has a fixed size so even if you have a 40" display with super resolution, all you will see is white space! I guess morons with tablets is their target "audience". No more "News for nerds, stuff that matters". :tired:

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Old one:
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