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Windows 10 forced "updates" down your throat - What a fucking nightmare.

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Non Hic wrote:...after they slipped in a nag screen for installing Windows 10, I do NOT trust them anymore.

Turns out, I was right. Without doing the steps above, having "Windows 10" makes your PC no longer yours but Microsoft will kind'a own it. I mean, motherfuckers, they won't allow you to turn the updates you don't want off, EVEN IF THEY BREAK YOUR SHIT. They don't even allow you to turn updates for "Apps" you buy from the Microsoft Store. *lol* ...what kind of moron would buy ANYTHING from their Orwellian "Store"? What if I like GIMP version 1.x but not 2.x, they say, you can't have that! You MUST always want and have the latest version. What if it's an old game I like? What if I don't want it to change? Oh no no no, that's not allowed, Microsoft OWNS your PC.... really? Well, fuck you! Because that's fucking stupid!

Imagine that, you go to sleep, wake up in the morning and your PC(s) aren't working anymore. Oh, ooops, some sons of bitches at Microsoft decided to push and FORCE an update into YOUR system(s) and now everything is fucked!...

Speaking of forced updates fucking things up... Windows 10 update KB3081424 is not installing and no official solution yet is out yet. The KB3081424 update is failing to install repeatedly after hitting a certain percentage. Additionally, the update takes a lot of time to uninstall and goes into a loop.

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