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Fuck Microsoft and fuck Office

Posted: 2016-03-15 06:14
by !
I just had enough!

Fuck Microsoft and fuck Office 2016. Beside that fucking "Sign in" thing, I can't get rid of the "Share" button and on top of that, it has to run a service in the background "Microsoft Office Click-to-Run Service" which I can't disable, otherwise the Office applications lock randomly for maybe 10 to 30 seconds from time to time. Not to mention the motherfucker creates A TON OF TELEMETRY BULLSHIT ALL OVER THE PLACE! I'm sick of the cat and mouse game, I don't have time for that shit.


I will be moving my business stuff slowly to LibreOffice instead. YES, it will take me some time but I WILL MAKE TIME FOR IT. Not that I like doing this, I actually HATE the "libreoffice" name, too political and sounds too ugly in my head.... but hey, Microsoft forced me to use LibreOffice. ...and YES, I have a full Office 2016 license with Outlook and everything... but yeah... FUCK MICROSOFT... AND FUCK OFFICE. :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick:

Great thing about LibreOffice is that I can just copy its entire folder and add the two missing .DLL files "msvcr120.dll" and "msvcp120.dll" WITHOUT running its installer and so far, it seems to be working without problems for me. It means that I can actually freeze a version I like and use it... FOREVER... in my business, making all kinds of accounting stuff without worrying that a forced update would be breaking all my important business files. :clap: :thumbup:

I have said this many times... Microsoft is already dead, they just don't know it yet.

FUCK MICROSOFT... AND FUCK OFFICE. :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick:

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Posted: 2016-03-15 06:28
by !
Seinfeld - I had a pony.

Posted: 2016-03-29 05:26
by Kittypie070
MS seems to truly enjoy shoving large pieces of cholla cactus up its ass nowadays. It just can't get enough of that extra-spiny goodness.

Posted: 2016-04-02 03:09
by !
I'm also going to leave Outlook. I want to puke from that crap. Will try to move to Mozilla Thunderbird. I got around 9GB of email so we'll see how it goes. Hopefully, it can handle the job.

These are of course, baby steps towards moving to Linux or BSD. One step at a time. :mrgreen:

Very sad, I used to be such a hardcore Microsoft fan but now... fuck them and their spyware! My computer is MINE and no one else's! :sick:

Posted: 2016-04-02 03:30
I use Outlook Express and it works great for fetching multiple email accounts. I'm still learning linux and once I be come familiar, I will only use minimal windows apps. Fuck them with a huge F.

Posted: 2016-05-18 03:38
by Kittypie070

I signed in today to my creakingly ancient Hotmail address to make sure MS doesn't take it away from me for another 90 or 180 or whatever days and oh gods it's like staring into an endless flat Hell.

My beautiful user avatar that I fiddled out of the 30 Years of Shuttle Flights patch is all tiny and lost in the upper right corner of that grotesque obscenity.

Here's the patch design, which is no foolish thing. I replaced the white background with a blue-gold nebula full of stars.

I've had that account (if not that avatar) for nearly 20 MOTHERFUCKING years and the ugly new UI in Outlook makes me want to bang my head on a brick wall.

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