Have you ever found something really badly designed? Something which obscurity of its functions makes it hard to understand its use? Something almost unusable to a point it would drive you mad using it too often? Perhaps, a fool's design? Then you have come to the right place. Post your findings here and help making the world a saner place.

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Windows RT is a bad name. Consumers don't understand that it runs on the ARM architecture, not that this is the primary focus of my post. When you add the regular Windows flavors that run on x86 hardware and Windows Mobile, consumers don't understand which is what. To top it off, tablets can be had that use x86 chips. The iPad has a simple naming convention, and that is what the average grandma and grandpa understand. Grandma and grandpa aren't impressed by stupid techno-mumbo-jumbo names like "RT". By calling their OS RT, mixed with the confusion on what it even is and how it differs from other versions of Windows, they're continuing a stupid marketing strategy.

I think Microsoft reads this forum, so here's a word of advice: Consolidate your shit and fire your dumbass marketing department. I'm posting the screenshot below, because...really? How many billions of dollars do you have? The whole bifurcated tablet experience is stupid. "Hmm...do I buy the schizophrenic x86 tablet, or do I buy the Windows RT tablet; oh wait...what about Windows Mobile?" For fuck sakes; pick one operating system and stick with it!
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Not to mention there is also a WinRT (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Runtime; Windows Runtime, or WinRT, is a platform-homogeneous application architecture on the Windows 8 operating system.) *loool* WinRT is basically the new locked-in crap you have to use in order to deploy applications in their locked-in prison store.

So WinRT is not an operating system but just a name for a runtime platform.

I mean, these motherfuckers have their heads so far up their collective asses that they probably haven't seen the sun for years!

As always, FUCK YOU MICROSOFT! :evil:

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Excellent point, and yes, WinRT further adds to the cluster fuck of confusion!

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I, user.

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