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Handle made out of glass is a recipe for disaster when youl ook at that picture :P
But I'm same with you, Vista and 7 are pretty much equal to me and actually Vista gets an edge because I can customize the UI to be less shit while 7 removed options. Both are equally slow and always grinding the HDD even though I thought I had all the weird stuff disabled. How fun...

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TmEE wrote:Handle made out of glass is a recipe for disaster when youl ook at that picture :P

Perhaps the intent of the graphic's maker went over my head! :lol:

I never kept it long enough to even notice the missing options you're speaking of, although I was aware that Aero was gone. Once the weird shit started happening and there was no obvious fix, (yes, I spent hours reading Microsoft's website and Googling and trying various fixes) I told myself "Fuck this shit", and out came the XP CD. The only thing that think that could remotely be misconstrued as an improvement is that UAC is slightly less of a disaster in 7 than in Vista. Fukushima vs Chernobyl.

I'm forced to use 7 at work and I will give Microsoft credit for one thing, the crop function in Paint. That needed done years before.

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Uh....that's really all the response I can offer right now :roll: .


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I nearly pissed my pants reading this 2 yr old thread. :clap:

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I don't know if good or bad, but I used this.

(2.03 MiB) Downloaded 2453 times

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