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2020-12-12 22:04 »

TheMiningTeamYT wrote:
2020-12-12 01:53
Steven W wrote:
2020-12-12 00:37
But yea, is this what the corruption looks like for you?
Oh! Didn't answer. No. Let me try to explain:

Assuming that I did nothing - no DEFAULT.pif, no changes to apps.inf, no setting properties of any kind. Let's say I was showing the Desktop and started for the Start Menu, it looks more as though the command prompt did open and then and went to a Window, like it should, but everything is wonky. I can tell that I'm looking at the desktop, but it's a jumble mess. I'd say you're theory though, could still be correct, it's just a different manifestation. I'm using Intel's Q963/965 video built-in to the Mobo.

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