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2019-09-30 03:44 »

MrMateczko wrote:
2019-09-29 12:08
That was just an idea I've proposed, of course you don't have to obey it, I'm just a guest here. :???:
It's just I'm sensitive to such things, I'm sorry if that made you angry. :cry:

Anyways, glad you see interest in whatever projects I might do. I have my own share of 98SE experiences (especially with modern hardware), and want to extend them to be useful to others...hopefully when I finally get a decent job. :mrgreen:
Hahaha... no no no... wait a minute, I'm not angry! :mrgreen: I just sound like an asshole from time to time and you are of course entitled to your opinion. Yes, I don't have to obey it but you also don't have to obey "me" haha... we don't have any special rules in here so basically almost anything goes (as long as not illegal). We don't have a ban hammer. :oops: :grin:

Anyway, it's nice to see more people interested in oldschool stuff. :thumbup:

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