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I like Pussy

2014-07-01 07:50 »

Your rents due MOTHERFUCKER

PROBLEMCHYLD... how Christian of you...
I thought you'd found Christ while you were in the State Pen...

You're nothing but a psycho ex-con with Oedipal complex...
and since when have you actually held down a job... hmmmm...?

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2014-07-01 11:54 »

Hey Pussy,

Lets get a couple things straight.

1. Get your facts straight before commenting. I never said I found God in prison. I knew and learned about him at the age 7 or 8. Unlike others, I don't proclaim to be the one "thats so righetous" The difference between me and other Christians, I am NOT a hypocrite. I don't pretend I live a perfect life. I have, and still make mistakes. I am not perfect. Adam and Eve made mistakes, Samson made them, Job made them. I can go on and on. There are 3 perfect beings that exist, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

2. About my job situation: I came home from prison in 2009 (23 hour lockdown) and it is now 2014. Since that time, which is 5 years, I have worked 3 1/2 years. Again, you don't know me and I am nothing to play with. In between the time I took off when I had my daughter, I still did temp work or seasonal work. You can't fuck with me, I'm out of you league. I'm a different breed, I'm a different pedigree. BTW, my asshole is as tight as virgin pussy, It has never been touched. I create offsprings, not brainwash faggots.

I like Pussy

2014-07-01 12:16 »

my asshole is as tight as virgin pussy, It has never been touched. I create offsprings...

Offspring(s)... heh...

You're nothing but a felonious punk who makes babies...
Living off the government teat...

Yeah... you're a "different" breed all right...

No wonder you have so much time to "perfect" your service pack...

You must have a aberrant definition of "tight" than I...
Your asshole is as bruised as your psyche...


2014-07-01 12:19 »

"I like Pussy" Who cares?
Christ is dead! Some fuckers killed him a thousands years ago. So no one can find him.

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2014-07-01 12:23 »

Is that all you got? :razz: I see you was waiting for me. :eek: Come stronger weakling :thumbdown:

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2014-07-01 16:33 »


Trololololol... making personal attacks against your character and religion.
That pretty much sums it all up about some of those fools.
:smile: :lol:

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2014-07-02 12:22 »

Sometimes I need a laugh after a hard day of work. The trollin don't bother me, I can rebuttal everything thrown at me. Let the war begin :twisted:

98 Guy

2014-07-02 20:20 »

> Last but not least, let me tell you, it is my opinion that if the "98 Guy" who started this thread,
> knew about the "original patch" and knew that it was obtainable for only $21, he is a complete
> utter fool too. What a complete asshole that doesn't want to pay this low amount of cash for
> something he needs and wants to use because I'm pretty sure, he can afford the $21!
> Basically, to hell with both of them. The fool and the cheap bastard. Both of them wasted a
> lot of time from everyone. Frankly, I disliked the way the fool with the "product" handled this
> situation but I don't really dislike him. I just think he is a fool... but on a personal level, I actually
> do dislike the "98 Guy" person! (As long as he knew about this cheap patch and didn't want to
> buy it)
> So, you, Mr. "98 Guy", if you still follow your own thread... if you knew about that cheap
> patch and didn't want to buy it... fuck you too.

Ok, let's get a few things straight.

One thing: All the dozen or so win-98 machines that I personally use or manage at $dayjob have 512 mb of ram. Not even 1 gb (which is possible without any patch from anyone). (that was true before I knew anything about the German files, and since then I have 2 gb of ram on 1 system with the german patched files).

Second: Yes, I know that Rlowe sells patches, and I've cared not one iota about them. I don't need them. I don't even know what price he sells them for.

I did know he had a memory patch for win-98 (he makes sure everyone at msfn knows it) but I did not know that (apparently, if I understand this thread) the German files were derived from his patch. All I saw was a vague admission at MSFN of some conversations being taken down, and I simply attributed that to censorship and perhaps someone else was on to something regarding a memory patch.

But in any case, I'm glad that the information is now out there, in the public, because information wants to be free.

If I had figured out what bytes needed changing so that win-98 was compatible with several gb of ram, I sure as hell would have broadcast it to the world. So maybe you can still hate me for thinking that way. A lot of people do a lot of things to make win-98 an improved OS (like kernelEx and NUSB) and Rlowe benefits from all the free work that others do because it gives him more people to sell his patches to.

I would not take away for a minute his ability or right to sell his patches. But by the same token, I would not take away the rights of others to figure them out and release them freely to the public, and let end-users discover either one as they will.

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2014-07-06 00:31 »

I guess the trolls couldn't hang. If you want something to die, you don't keep adding fuel. Coming from an ex-con, I'm wittier than most of you smart fucks. :mrgreen: Who would have thought, criminal turns computer Geek. SMDH :eek:

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