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2021-01-14 00:35 »

Will this sp work with CZ version?
Omg i just hope that my CD version is really SE (it says so)

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2021-01-14 03:03 »

Never tried it on a different language. Backup your system and try it and report back.


2021-01-14 06:22 »

Will do but may take up awhile, i'm putting all the parts tgthr and maaaan, it really is not easy task.. ps/2 kb and mouse, problem (got it new finally).. ide drive, prob.. bought ssd sata 120gb.. floppy-uhoh, nowhere to buy, just externals.. sigh.. so i have to improvize alot
So the price is not finally a problem 😁😁😁


2021-01-14 23:42 »

A few questions if i may..
1.Does it come with usb driver flash support? And if yes, should i delete all usb periferals (devices) in device man. and reboot?
2.Should i go step by step and install dx9.0c first, then the rest or i can install all i want in single session?
3.That thing with internet explorer update, should i bother with it or should i go with opera or FF?
4.Kernel ex - does it have some glitches? Would i be able to run, say, a game that's for win7?

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