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2014-07-01 18:37 »

Yeah you are right...If you google Hyper-V Server, you get this page: ... 48xUzq9IJY and this page: ... 48604.aspx

The second page has no download link for the standalone Hyper-V. Totally stupid!

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2014-07-01 18:41 »

Haha, they probably want to "hide" the download for the barebone as much as possible because it's free. Although, their Web sites are ALWAYS messy. :cry:

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2014-07-16 22:54 »

How did your project go by the way? Did you get a server?


2014-07-18 12:40 »

It's on hold right now, but thanks for your assistance. If it ends up going through I'll post back.

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