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! wrote:
2019-10-07 04:11
Steven W wrote:
2019-10-06 03:57
...So take that '!', ya dumbfuck. :lol:

Just kidding, love ya dude! No Homo!
Love ya too but only in homo way! :cry: Hahaha... just kidding. :mrgreen: (Of course, I don't mean that anything is wrong with being homo/trans etc., we are all human. :relaxed:)

...but yeah, Internet died and died hard. :silent:

Steven W
Posts: 2709
Joined: 2013-08-10 22:40

2020-01-20 17:56 »

I haven't checked this out, but pretty cool concept:
There are these three use cases you can choose from:
P2P Mode
Web Search by the people, for the people: decentralized, all users are equal, no central, no search request storage, shared index.
Your Search Portal
Your YaCy installation is independent from other peers. Define your own web index and starting your own web crawl.
Intranet Search
Create a search portal for your intranet or web pages or your (shared) file system.

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