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2013-12-16 23:48 »

"c:>del *.* c:folder" will ask you if you are sure and you must type "Y" or "N" to continue. How to skip it? Simple:

del c:folder* /Q

It will not ask any question and just start deleting *.*! 8-)


2013-12-24 10:53 »

In Windows 9x - remember: some of us still use it ;) - it's DELTREE /Y C:FOLDER[SUBFOLDER] to completely remove a folder and its contents without confirmation.

The command can be used in autoexec.bat to clear the TEMP folder or the Temporary Internet Files folder, where malware may be stored between reboots.
To make it completely stealth when used in autoexec, syntax is:

For added safety and disk cleanup purposes, those who do not want cookies, history or internet cache may also add the following to autoexec.bat:

The TEMP folder may be recreated after deletion using

Make sure you don't accidentally delete the whole WINDOWS folder !!!

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