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2015-03-20 13:34 »

I thought that it's good to make a small tutorial on how to install and run a dedicated ARMA 3 server with a custom mod, in this case "A3Wasteland" with extDB. Not many guides out there for this. In this guide, I will assume that you have a Steam account and that your server is Windows Server 2012 R2 x64.

First, install "SteamCMD". Get it from here:

Run it. Login using "login <username>" command.

Then use this command to install the server version of ARMA 3:

"app_update 233780 validate" ...and where do I get the "233780" number? From here: ... rvers_List. You can find a list of games and their dedicated server application numbers.

It will take a while and ARMA 3 dedicated server will install in the same folder as you are running "SteamCMD" from.

You will get something like this:

SteamCMD.PNG (27.32 KiB) Viewed 44036 times

If you run the ARMA 3 now, you will get missing DLLs error. In order to get ARMA 3 running on a server, you will need these two DLL files. I you don't trust these files which I found from my Windows 8.x installation. Just do a search and you can find them in your system drive somewhere. They should be safe, however.

(46.97 KiB) Downloaded 1743 times

Put the two DLL files into the same folder as your "arma3server.exe", which in this case is "steamarma3" for me.

two dlls.png
two dlls.png (37.09 KiB) Viewed 44036 times

The next tool you will need is "Tophe's Arma Dedicated Server Tool (TADST)" which you can download here: I will attach the version I currently use in here but please download it from the original source in case a new version is there. I will NOT keep this file up to date and/or mirror in here.
(86.62 KiB) Downloaded 1553 times

Put the TADST.exe in the same folder as "arma3server.exe":

TADST.png (37.4 KiB) Viewed 44036 times

The easiest way to launch the arma3server.exe with the correct configuration is using TADST. You just choose which mod (.PBO) you want and add-ons in the program and launch it. Something like this:

TADST 01.png
TADST 01.png (40.1 KiB) Viewed 44030 times

TADST 02.png
TADST 02.png (33.01 KiB) Viewed 44030 times

TADST 03.png
TADST 03.png (32.1 KiB) Viewed 44030 times

For this specific mod which I used, you need to install MySQL. Some related files like "extDB.dll" and "extDB" folder, you all get those from "Torndeco" which he provides. I used this: but there seems to be a new version here: - I have not tested extDB2, however.

You can get MySQL server from here:
(Install "MySQL Workbench" as well. The installation will ask if you want it or not.)

They gave me a .SQL file called "a3wasteland_db_v2.03.sql". You load Workbench and run that file. It will create your database for you. After that, you add a new user to MySQL and add that user + password + server IP to the "extdb-conf.ini" file.

extDB files.PNG
extDB files.PNG (12.13 KiB) Viewed 44030 times

The folder "A3Wasteland_settings" goes into same folder as "arma3server.exe" and the .PBO mission file goes into the "mpmissions" folder.

That's basically it. You press "LAUNCH" button in TADST and the server will start running. :relaxed:

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2015-03-23 14:16 »

By the way, if you don't like to run the TADST or ARMA3 server as an administrator, to be more secure, you can just create a new "regular" user and run the programs with the "Run as..." command. You hold down SHIFT+CLICK on the program to get the "Run as..." menu.

I usually do this because well, I don't trust a game server to run as an administrator on my servers. :mrgreen:

run as.PNG
run as.PNG (10.68 KiB) Viewed 44023 times

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2015-03-23 14:35 »


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2015-03-24 18:35 »


Already thank you for the software TADST it's magic! But I still encounter some problem. I think your tutorial lacks a bit of information, it lacks detail.

It takes a lot more screenshot of each step.

Finally when I load the mission of wasteland my friends and myself spawn in water many miles from the earth.

Could I have the wasteland.pbo of your link please.

thank you again :thumbup:

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2015-03-24 22:36 »

Hey no problem buddy!

Here is my mission:

(2.36 MiB) Downloaded 1542 times

Granted, I have altered it from the original but all the source code is there in the .PBO if you unpack it. (The logo of "THE LANDS BEYOND" which is in the .PBO file is copyrighted, I don't own it. A guy (friend) I know owns it... BUT I think YOU are allowed to use it as long as you use this original .PBO. If you want to alter it, it's OK to remove the logo of course, no problem.

Remember that in this mission, all thermals are disabled and can't be bought from shops but they might drop randomly in towns. I have also made the cost of AA and AT (auto aimers) 15K to be fair to the pilots.

I have also attached (in the .ZIP file) the mission settings which I used. Oh, and all ATMs are removed from the map BUT they are not disabled so any ATM you see in the map is fully functional, it's just removed from the map.

I know the guide isn't super detailed but I'm lazy. HEHE... :mrgreen:

Maybe I could just start my server we play on mine? :D

Anyway, I hope it helps and If you have any specific question, feel free to ask and I will try to help you out. :relaxed:

Ps. What is your server IP in case I want to try playing in it? :grin:

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2015-03-24 22:42 »

yayou wrote:...the software TADST it's magic!...

Hahahha... yeah, TADST is great! :thumbup:


2015-03-25 09:17 »

My server IP is : : 2302

But is not finish and yours ?

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2015-03-25 12:20 »

Mine is well, I use my friend's domain so it's "one DOT thelandsbeyond DOT net" but the server is down right now. I got no players so I shut it down because it costed me real money scaling up the virtual server.

If you have players willing to play on my server, I can start it again but I'm guessing you guys will be on your own server only? You are so few players so I doubt two servers are even needed? :?: :neutral:

Really hard to find players which is odd. I told people on TOPARMA to come to my server and not lose ATM cash but no one gave a damn. Funny thing, server was faster, had better ping and used the exact same fucking mission! :lol:

I guess people love admins who are exercising power in a cruel or arbitrary way. :sick:


2015-03-25 14:47 »

Yes there to chance my players friends come on my own. I do not think I need a second server, but it faudrais it is a copy of yours directly if you agree. The ideal would be to have your arma3server :) folder. 'Cause right now I do not even manage to spawn and even less to throw a party

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2015-03-25 15:24 »

Well, I can't give you the arma3server.exe and its files because they are from my own Steam copy but here are the mission files and extDB stuff which are open source. These are exactly what I use:
(4.47 MiB) Downloaded 1604 times

Put the files inside where you have your arma3server.exe.

I wonder, maybe your extDB can't connect to the MySQL server? That could be why you all spawn in water. Just a guess, however. If you want, I could also login to your server by Remote Desktop (RDP) and check what can be wrong.

Let's hope the files help. :mrgreen:

Remember, in the "extdb-conf.ini" file, you must set the correct (your own) MySQL login id and password:

Code: Select all

Type = MySQL
Name = a3wasteland
Username = root
Password = password


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