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Some good tips for phpBB themes, found it here:

by Ooopsie » Wed Mar 02 2011 11:13 pm wrote:Posted with permission from the original author, RMcGirr83. We will not give support on this article. It is posted for your information.
<!-- IF S_USER_LOGGED_IN --> If a user is logged in
<!-- IF S_USER_LOGGED_IN -->your content here (for users logged in)<!-- ELSE -->your content here (for viewing as a guest)<!-- ENDIF -->
<!-- IF S_REGISTERED_USER --> If user is logged in and not a bot
<!-- IF S_AUTOLOGIN_ENABLED --> If auto login is allowed
<!-- IF S_BOARD_DISABLED --> If board is disabled
<!-- IF S_IS_BOT --> If a bot
<!-- IF S_USER_PM_POPUP --> If pop up pm is on
<!-- IF S_DISPLAY_SEARCH --> If displays search
<!-- IF S_DISPLAY_PM --> If display a PM
<!-- IF S_DISPLAY_MEMBERLIST --> If display memberlist.php
<!-- IF U_MCP --> If Moderator
<!-- IF U_ACP --> If Administrator
<!-- IF S_IS_LINK --> If its a link
<!-- IF S_UNREAD_FORUM --> If forum is unread
<!-- IF S_READ_FORUM --> If forum is read
<!-- IF S_LOCKED_FORUM --> If forum is locked
<!-- IF S_LIST_SUBFORUMS --> If there is a list of subforums
<!-- IF S_SUBFORUMS --> If a subforum
<!-- IF S_IS_CAT --> If a category
<!-- IF S_IS_POST --> If a post
<!-- IF FORUM_ID --> Displays the code between the switches if the user is viewing a particular forum.
<!-- IF SCRIPT_NAME == "index" -->some content<!-- ENDIF --> (Others you can use, viewtopic,viewforum,memberlst,faq etc)
<!-- IF S_USERNAME eq "cisco007" -->Some content here<!-- ENDIF -->

Let's say you wanted something to show in an html file for registered users only, then you could use the following

Code: Select all
<!-- IF S_REGISTERED_USER -->Hello, welcome to<!-- ENDIF -->

Which will only show to registered users.


Code: Select all
<!-- IF FORUM_ID eq 2 -->Welcome to Forum Number 2<!-- ENDIF -->

Which will only show if the viewer is within Forum Id #2.

You can also combine the IF's

Code: Select all
<!-- IF FORUM_ID eq 2 and S_REGISTERED_USER -->Welcome to Forum ID #2 and you are a registered user<!-- ENDIF -->

Also, you can use the following operands as well

or ( || )
and ( && )
eq ( == )

You can use either the language ones (or, and, eq) or the other ones ( ||, &&, ==).

Remember each time you have a <!-- IF something --> statement you must also have an ending <!-- ENDIF --> statement, else you will get errors when the templating engine does it's stuff.