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2017-03-10 05:23 »

CNN reporter Reza Aslan eats human brain: ... BRAIN.html

Apparently it was a little overcooked:

He later posted on Facebook: 'Want to know what a dead guy's brain tastes like? Charcoal'.

'It was burnt to a crisp!'

Samantha Bee ends up having to apologize to a man for his "Nazi haircut". Turns out his haircut was due to aggressive brain cancer: ... ircut.html

Some credit must be given to CNN here. God knows everyone on Earth is concerned about whether of not haircuts are of the Nazi variety. Super-serious stuff there, remember CNN is a serious news reporting agency.

Turns out the CNN's resident bugged weirdo is also a pervert. He informs us that little girls that don't want to see dicks in the restroom have intolerant or overprotective dads. Now you know! ... t-kraychik

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2017-03-11 23:22 »

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2017-03-12 00:19 »

Guess the poor guy would've starved to death at CNN's headquarters.

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2017-07-07 21:00 »

CNN has got itself in another stupid situation. If you haven't heard it's regarding a GIF that apparently the President retweeted (retwatted). Well, Kirstin Powers put her thoughts out on this:

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So, let's take a look at what Powers describes as "racist", "misogynistic", and "homophobic", shall we?

trump.gif (952.14 KiB) Viewed 5948 times

Do you think Ms. Power's description is apt? I don't. Either way, it's an opinion.

Let's follow Ms. Powers train of thought, shall we? No right to anonymity? So, CNN's reporting from anonymous sources comes to end or do Ms. Power's rules apply only to others? I guess we'll see how long it takes for CNN to out all of those sources that have been wrong time after time lately.

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Further, Chinese dissidents, you no longer have the right to anonymity, CNN has spoken.

Now, those of you thinking that I'm pointing this out as some political thing - I must point out that my criticism of what CNN has become goes back quite a ways. I've even posted about their state-sponsored news stories and putting Nancy Grace on the air at this site before.

It occurred to me just a short while ago that CNN's latest issue is that the powers-that-be there see the network as a moral authority instead of a news agency. Think about it, how else could someone posting a GIF on the internet even be considered newsworthy? How else could anyone that considers himself a news anchor go on and on about if we don't all share a toilet, we're immoral? How else would making fun of people's haircuts - and inadvertently cancer patients - make it to the airwaves? How else could a grown man upon the election of an old white man over an old white woman (who's husband probably slept with every female intern he ever had) go on and on about a "white-lash" in an extraordinarily emotive way? How else do you explain the following:

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If CNN wishes to be taken seriously, then the emotive bullshit needs to end. You're not a church, you're not the pope, you're not supposed to be a moral authority. You're supposed to report on the news, preferably, the serious stuff.

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2017-08-16 00:36 »

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I think CNN's Van Jones big smile is genuine. It probably gives him great pleasure to know that his emotive drivel, which I'm starting to think is an act, will get the D-generation out in the street trying to kill one another. Sometime they succeed!

Would you like a peek at the real Van Jones and his thoughts, what the part of this video where he doesn't realize he's on camera:

Remember super-serious news agency (I won't mention their producer getting caught saying the "cutesy" ethics talked about in journalism school shouldn't get in the way of "business").

I don't think he's the only one acting and a few of them are legitimately crazy (Cuomo and the former anchor/brain eater).

As for the D-generation and their out-of-control emotional states, I used to think that Twenty is the new Eight, now I'm thinking Twenty is the new two. For fuck sakes, they're being played by an actor and he's not even a good one.

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Real news, real fucking news:

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2017-10-21 07:17 »

Dear God! I thought there could possibly be a limit to the stupidity:

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I should've know better. I guess Harvey Weinstein must have known the future rage he would have when committing all those atrocious acts.

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2021-03-29 21:45 »

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Wow! Just like Chrissy Cuomo keeps telling us his brother is very popular and dreamy too! They should make out on the channel and prove all those wimminz making allegations wrong. The metoo movement already knows it's all made up just like they did with Ms. Reade. Metoo except these whores! ... -us-border
The current event in the news — a sharp increase in the arrival of unaccompanied minors — is a problem for border officials, a political challenge for Biden and a dire situation for many migrants who make the journey, but it does not fit the classic dictionary definition of a crisis, which is: “A turning point in the course of anything; decisive or crucial time, stage, or event,” OR “a time of, or a state of affairs involving, great danger or trouble, often one which threatens to result in unpleasant consequences [an economic crisis].”

Therefore, we should avoid, or at the least, be highly cautious, about referring to the present situation as a crisis on our own, although we may quote others using that language.
Remember, it's REAL NEWS! Lots of headlines starting with 'Explainer:', so soak it in, take it seriously.

Also, remember dignity means being wrapped in foil and shoved in a room with tons of others!

If you forget, Psyops Psaki will circle back with you and likely bring her DOJ buddies!


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2021-05-09 02:05 »
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I considered putting this in "Funny Things and Jokes" thread.

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2021-05-09 02:12 »
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2021-05-09 02:15 »

I knew that name was familiar, she used to 'work' for the Today show:

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