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The SSL certificate expires in about 10-15 days. Costs $6. I might not be able to renew it + it's Hell installing it via phone without a computer. Mostly about the phone Hell though. I might skip a meal to buy the certificate. I guess not running SSL is not a huge deal? :think:
The certificate will end in two days. Please don't panic if you get an error. It might take me a day to revert to none SSL, I'm sitting on a phone and such adminstrative tasks are painfully slow for me via the tiny phone screen. :sick:
I didn't buy a new SSL certificate. I can't do this without a computer. The Web site has now switched from SSL HTTPS to unencrypted HTTP. You will need to login again because switching from HTTPS to HTTP kills the old login cookies.

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All the links in posts pointing to other posts are broken because they point to HTTPS SSL but we are running on HTTP right now. Remove the "S" manually and the link will work. I can't fix it, I have no computer and honestly, I don't care. Maybe I'll buy a new SSL certificate later if I'm in the mood to fuck myself several hours and install it via the stupid phone. 🤦‍♀️🤢 :sick:

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Phew! Did a quick test - I am downloading one file from here in my XP updater. Apparently that version of wget that I used is coded well enough to switch from HTTPS to HTTP once it realizes the certificate is expired. :clap:

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