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2014-06-26 04:06 »

Can't you see that you put your post about moving my post in the wrong location?

It should have been posted directly below the post you deleted from the location I originally posted it at, in The Fools of MSFN forum. That way, when I went back to check on my post in The Fools of MSFN forum, I would have known where the post was moved to. The way you did it, all I saw was that the post had been deleted, with no idea as to what happened to it.

BTW, MSFN does this procedure correctly, so that a poster always knows where his post has been moved to.

If you don't understand what I'm saying, please let me know, and I'll try to rephrase my message.

Thank you,

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2014-06-26 04:08 »


Again, thank you for your suggestion. We understand your point. We will not consider to implement it in here, however.

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2014-06-26 04:10 »

So, Larry, do you have understanding problems or are you proving once again to us that many fools gather in MSFN forums? If it's the latter, no need to waste your time. We already are aware of that situation over there but thank you for the effort.


2014-06-26 04:25 »

Thank you, "!", for your thoughtful reply.

In my opinion, I don't have "understanding problems", but you're welcome to think what you wish.

As far as "fools", Forrest Gump said that "A fool is as a fool does." So, I have my own personal opinions as to the location of the fools, but being a gentleman and not wanting to insult anyone, I'll keep my opinions to myself.

And thank you,, for explaining that rational, common-sense approaches are not followed at this website,


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2014-06-26 04:33 »

No problem, it's all good. :relaxed:


2014-06-26 04:52 »

Seriously, "!", I totally agree with your statement, "it's all good".

It's all good, if people have that accepting attitude, in whatever they do.

Honest exchanges between open-minded individuals who can "agree to disagree" and still remain friends are a lot of fun to participate in, IMO.

Take it easy, "!",

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2014-06-26 05:00 »

Indeed. :thumbup: Reminds me of what I was saying yesterday, that what a boring world it would be if everyone would be the same. Both their looks and their opinions.

I, too, understand your suggestion about the moved posts. It's a bit weird to just move them but I think because we have that "Unread posts" function down below all pages, it isn't that much of an issue. Posts get moved rather rarely in here anyway.

All kinds of critique and suggestions are always welcome. You should have seen this place 6 months ago! For example, the background picture that we use on, well, it is the actual room of one of our members "TmEE" and the color change was "Steven W"'s idea. :thumbup:

Oh, and the "Unread posts" function? It was born out of a suggestion from PROBLEMCHYLD. :smile:


2014-09-01 04:12 »


will disappear once you have read them. Of course, this is only visible if you are logged in as a member. :relaxed:
unread 01.PNG

Which makes a great reason to join!

Hi. I am so happy to have found your site and your work. I have been going in circles beginning with Mdgx, MSFN an such. At first I was spooked as my entry was into page 27, 28, 29 and 30. But I found your page 1. There I started an now have read every post to date, after all your guides I could find, all this evening. I'm now tired, but grateful to you all, even the Hic guy.
I admire your organizations, your intent for your audience and your passion for your work.
I have a few comments, (observations). I very much appreciate Hic man, because he is suffering the dial modem, (my past favorite), and he can aptly defend the poor who both use and appreciate the W98 hey-day, as I do.
You guys must keep in mind and never forget, you are restoring and providing what Bill Gates refused to do. The finished work of the Win98SE package which every buyer paid money for, but did not get. Nothing Bill Gates ever put out, worked. It takes every correction put out by his firm to complete W98.
You guys are the computer publics' revenge and justifier.
Now, Ahm gonna go register.
Thank you.


2014-09-01 04:32 »

Hay "!", .... ahm corrected...sorry, but Ahm a Hic and proud of it.

I forgot; ....
Hics' suggestion, way back about modules, I agree. Pchild thought it was splitting, but I dis-agree. The modules have ben argued that they be grouped appropriately. I think one catagorey should be, "Add-Ons, wit all their updates. I liked NonHics' div of three major groups for a starter. I D/L separately WMP, DX9, IE60 an due to their size each, I am comfortable wit that.
While I see this as a good direction, it can be way on down for the schedule.
You all are doing the most important thing, filtering out the correct copies from the abherent, (shudder).

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2014-09-01 08:37 »

Thanks, I will be home from vacation on Wednesday. I will be more active now.

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