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2020-04-24 16:56 »

BTC is not BitCoin!
BSV (Bitcoin SV) is BitCoin.
Now you cannot say that you didn't know.
You knew, because I told you and it's almost midnight.


2020-06-06 23:59 »

Video killed the radio star.
Internet killed the video star.
Metanet will kill the internet star. :shh:

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2020-12-05 20:52 »

If you are a "techie" and don't watch this video, you are really stupid in my humble opinion because 10 years from now, you will look back and say "How did I not see this coming?". Well, I showed and told you but you didn't listen.

The Internet as you know it is dead. Bitcoin (Bitcoin SV) with Metanet, is replacing and will replace it.

If you missed the 1990s, this is your second chance. :mrgreen:

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