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According to Microsoft, the issues began at the start of the month after a certificate expired on October 31.

For users of the locked down S mode variant of Windows, there could be an extra dose of pain as the start menu itself, the accounts page, and landing page in settings may also be impacted.

Microsoft said it would automatically push an update to affected devices, but it noted the patch would still leave the snipping tool and S mode impacts unaffected.

For the snipping tool, Microsoft has suggested users revert to using the print screen button and pasting from the clipboard into documents or Paint.

"We are working on a near term resolution for the Snipping tool and the S mode issues and will provide an update when available," the company said on the patch page.

It is yet to explain why opening the start menu or certain apps requires communication with its servers.
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They said Windows 10 would be last Windows version, so here we are, hello Windows 11. Fucking idiots. :sick: :sick: :sick:

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