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2021-12-15 21:21 »

An article from John Stossel, those of us of a certain age know he's been in news for quite some time. ... s-opinion/

Facebook is a private company, so it can censor whomever it wants. But what Facebook is doing lately is just sleazy.

Recently, I sued them because they defamed me. They, along with one of their “fact-checkers,” a group called Science Feedback, lied about me and continue to lie about me.

Now Facebook has responded to my lawsuit in court.

Amazingly, their lawyers now claim that Facebook’s “fact-checks” are merely “opinion” and therefore immune from defamation.

Wait — Facebook’s fact-checks are just “opinion”?! I thought fact-checks are statements of fact.
I must give you some credit Stossel, someone your age know what Rumble is strikes me a likely rarity.

Let's meet Twatter's new CEO:
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“The kinds of things that we do about this is: Focus less on thinking about free speech, but thinking about how the times have changed,” he added. ... ssing-harm

Will Circleback Psyops Psaki still pretend these are free speech platforms. Her middle name's Psyops after all.

Here's a bit of advice Parag, you could stop all the harm Twatter causes by shutting Twatter down.

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Steven W
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2021-12-15 21:35 »

A bit more from Stossel's article:
I asked a Science Feedback reviewer what was wrong with my climate-crisis video, and he admitted that he and his other fact-checkers found no incorrect facts. Instead, they simply didn’t like my tone.

“The problem is the omission of contextual information rather than specific ‘facts’ being wrong,” he said.

What? It’s fine if people don’t like my tone. But Facebook declares my post “partly false,” a term it defines on its website as including “factual inaccuracies.”
Now you know all you need to know of Facebook/Meta's "Fact-checkers":
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