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Serve The Home recently revealed that Lenovo uses AMD Platform Secure Boot, also known as AMD PSB, for their desktop platforms, especially the AMD Ryzen PRO-based systems to vendor lock the processor to their brand lines. The website has run a few features on the vendor locking process, and a recent video from the site on YouTube explains the purpose of AMD PSB and the advantages and disadvantages of the process.
If a user does have a vendor-locked processor, it does have the capability of installation on another Lenovo system, but not on another brand's motherboard. Kennedy presents that sellers of vendor-locked processors should list or mark somewhere on or with the processor that it is locked to a specific vendor so that purchasers are not approaching issues in the future when trying to implement the processor on another system. He continues the warning to eliminate the possibility of e-waste that would appear due to selling a locked processor. Finally, Kennedy notes that
This is getting a bit ridiculous.

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