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Steven W, 2019-04-26 04:16 »

Oh yeah deleting the original folder you extracted from the downloaded file, cleans the whole mess. I do suggest it, but the file itself may be worth holding on to. :wink:

Quick Fix for Excel Viewer 2010 breaking on XP (likely Office 2010 too)

Steven W, 2019-04-26 04:13 »

Getting error messages from the Excel Viewer 2010/Office 2010 applications regarding EnumCalendarInfoExEx on your XP installation? :thumbdown:
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Let's see if we can do something about that, shall we? :?:

Set Windows Explorer not to hide anything and to show extensions (if you're not the kinda guy or doll who hasn't done this already), remember your current settings if you want to revert them when done!
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Download this: ... 86-glb.exe
(9.43 MiB) Downloaded 23 times
You'll need something to extract files from it, I recommend 7-zip:

Right-click on the file you just downloaded and choose Extract Files
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You'll get a warning about data after payload data, no worries there.

You should get a folder named the same thing as the exe, without the exe extension.

Close 7-zip, open the new folder, right-click, on file mso-x-none.msp, choose Extract Files, Ignore warning, Close 7-zip, open 'mso-x-none' folder, find file PATCH_CAB, right-click, choose Extract Files, ignore warning, close 7-zip, open folder 'PATCH_CAB~', rename file 'MSO.DLL.x86' 'to 'MSO.DLL' and replace file with same name in '\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE14' folder with the one you just extracted
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revel in your success! :thumbup:
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