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PROBLEMCHYLD, 2017-10-13 21:25 »

Pale Moon 27.5.1 (32bit) on Linux running smooth. Think I might do a tutorial here for [Pale Moon + Tor + I2P /w Torrents]. I have been on the Dark Web/Dark Net/Deep Web. Its some very interesting shit on there. I run Tor and I2P everyday, can't seem to surf without it. Its second nature to me. :shh: :shh: :shh: :shh:

!, 2017-10-09 17:57 »

99% of my addons which I used in FireFox will die. I tried Vivaldi (, it is GREAT! I only miss one addon, cookie manager. The rest of the stuff are all builtin. Worth a try too! :thumbup:

PROBLEMCHYLD, 2017-10-05 18:54 »

I'm using Pale Moon 27.5 (32bit) on Linux and it is really fast. No issues so far :clap:

!, 2017-02-09 01:32 »

Kittypie070 wrote:...Pushing out new versions every month or so is completely insane.

+1! Indeed! :sick:

Kittypie070, 2017-02-07 23:08 »

Half-assed followup: I decided quite a while back to use portable versions of Firefox from now on, and to not update the installed browsers.

Portables make it a LOT easier for a dope like me to test out and see if I like what Firefox has coughed up, or if not like, then at least beat into submission.

I'm way behind the curve, as the latest I have is Firefox 48 Portable. It's very smooth.

Pushing out new versions every month or so is completely insane.

!, 2016-09-30 05:13 »

Yeah, Palemoon seems alright. Although, I still use Firefox, with a LOT of add-ons, it is still "OK" to use. Not sure for how long though. Time will tell what crazy shit Mozilla will pull. One thing is for sure, each time I update Firefox, it eats an hour or two of my time so I can remove and re-alter whatever shit they broke this time... and my patience is running thin. :sick:

Palemoon 24.1.1 (x64) is awesome...except when you have only 2 GB RAM...

Kittypie070, 2016-09-30 04:40 »

...and your hardware is not supposed to be running Windows 7 Ultimate x64. :shock:

I actually should be running dear old XP on this antiquated thing, a Dell Optiplex GX520. Or at most, Win7 SomethingOrOther (x86).

You're all welcome to point and laugh, but seriously, this loony experiment of mine has been largely successful.

The only major bitching point has been the otherwise excellent Palemoon browser. It honest to gods beats Mozilla (non-portable) Firefox's ass.