2017-06-25 21:10
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Topic: Windows 10 source code leaked
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2017-05-19 08:38
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Topic: Fuck Wilders Security Forums
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lololololol... :mrgreen: :sick: :sick: :sick:
2017-05-09 10:24
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Topic: Jobless recovery, a case for basic income
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m The Ontario Government will pilot universal basic income in a $50M program supporting 4,000 households over a 3 year period. ...even Elon Musk has predicted it's necessity, experts continue to debate and gather data on the approach in the face of increasing automation. Ontario's plan will study th...
2017-05-06 20:51
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Topic: Help and support ( techtalk.cc )
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Sorry about the downtime, the disk was full. Had to copy lots of files back and forth, took days!!! Anyway, we are backonline again! :oops: :thumbup:
2017-04-20 09:49
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Topic: Nice gif
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Nice gif

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2017-03-31 15:23
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Topic: How to disable Windows 10 spyware telemetry logging
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I don't know if good or bad, but I used this.

(2.03 MiB) Downloaded 181 times

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2017-03-30 10:46
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Topic: How to bring up screensaver dialog with command line
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How to bring up screensaver dialog with command line

How to bring up screensaver dialog with command line:

rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL desk.cpl,,1
2017-03-28 22:43
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Topic: Creepy
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This is so creepy, trying listening to any music and watch it...

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