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2018-03-23 11:23 »

Hello there community, i come here to request for some advice.

I own a Fujitsu Siemens Scenic S computer i want to refurbish.
It's an old PIII Coppermine 1ghz on an intel 815i motherboard chipset.
I pretend to turn it a decent Win98 gaming computer with DOS capabilities.

However i'm having some problems.
I would like to have a 250gb IDE HDD installed and it's driving me nuts.

I'm aware that there are several limitations for large HDDs, related to the BIOS or Windows98SE themselves.

That's what i've tested so far having a boot disk for Win98SE and a bootable CD based Win98SE installation.

FDISK only detects around 40GB of space on the HDD.
I've partitioned the HDD using FDISK and created a primary partition of a bit less than 8gb, where i've installed DOS 7.10 using the unofficial installation CD.

The rest of the detected HDD was set as an extended partition of around 34GB.

I can install Windows98SE on the extended partition with apparently no issues.
However, i wasn't able to make the rest of the HDD available, not even for windows.

I've tried a couple of partitioning tools (W98 based) with no luck, they can't just detect the hardware returning an error message related to the drive unit of the geometry of the HDD.

I've used GParted to partition the rest of the disk, but was not satisfactory either... I was able to partition, boot up and all the stuff, but, if i only set a single partition for the around 190gb remaining, the partition will not be recognised properly since it's over the 137gb limit.

So i have partitioned it setting different partitions, different sizes... A bit of testing.

It seems W98 is not able to recognise a 64GB USB memory stick in the same way it can't recognise any HDD partition over 64GB.
I believe it makes somehow sense since outside W98 the computer can't detect sizes over 41GB.

I'm not sure about how all this stuff works, i've never tried to install such a large size HDD on a Windows98 system.

I wonder if there's some way to make all the space accesible.

I've read somewhere about installing a PCI-IDE controller card, but i'm not sure if it would solve anything, or if it would be accesible under DOS.

Any idea about how to solve this situation?

Thank you very much.

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I think you are out of luck here... wrote:The 28 bit LBA supports 2^28 sectors which works out to 268435456 sectors. Each sector holds 512 bytes and therefore the maximum capacity is 137438953472 bytes. This is the maximum Windows 98 supports for a bootable hard drive...
...about 137 GB is the maximum amount you can use.

Why won't you just install a virtual computer and make that the gaming machine? Isn't it much better, more reliable and of course, future proof?

As much as I love those old hardwares... unless it's an old AMIGA or ATARI or VIC20... I say, sell it! ...or clean it and save it 20-30 years, it will be worth a fortune that time. :think:

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2018-03-23 23:25 »

Off-topic, wow, I almost replied to you exactly 12 hours from your post time! Hahahhaa spooky... :mrgreen: :eek:


2018-03-24 06:39 »

The 137GB limit was broken over a decade ago.
Search MSFN or rloew for solutions.

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2018-03-25 05:38 »

Right, I forgot about that... I think he sells the patch or something. It was years ago. :oops:

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