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2020-02-27 21:53 »

This is essentially a 'downloader' that creates a kit to update XP with. You download the attached zip file, extract it to a folder and run (double-click) XXX_DL.BAT. It creates a bunch of folders and new BAT files and downloads files for you that you can then use to update. If you open the README, please close it before running XXX_DL.BAT. The README for the 'downloader' becomes a README for the 'update kit'. Once XXX_DL.BAT has finished, if you close it by pressing a key on the keyboard, it deletes itself, leaving you with nothing but the 'update kit'. If you forget and close it by clicking the 'X' on the GUI, just delete XXX_DL.BAT after running it.

This should support SSE2 and non-SSE2 processors. Non-SSE2 support should be considered ***experimental***. For those of you running non-SSE2 PCs, I strongly suggest shutting off Automatic Updates, because Microsoft will screw you hard by trying to install the stuff I've intentionally left out. :shifty: I'm calling this experimental, because I can't be absolutely certain all SSE2 stuff is gone.

...first introduced by Intel with the initial version of the Pentium 4 in 2000.
Competing chip-maker AMD added support for SSE2 with the introduction of their Opteron and Athlon 64 ranges of AMD64 64-bit CPUs in 2003.
I've added a BAT files that open when you reboot, that says:

'You've run X.BAT, proceed with Y.BAT....' to help you keep track of everything. Please close those before running the next BAT.

If you have a system speaker, you'll probably hear a beep when the BATs complete, or are providing info, need feedback et cetera.

I'm using wget 1.19.4 for downloading, from here originally:

and for SSE2 checking, I'm using CHKCPU32 v2.14:

Once you've ran XXX_DL.BAT, to use the 'update kit', run 1.BAT, reboot, 2.BAT reboot....
Pay attention to the beeps, they don't necessarily mean 'done'.


ARA = Arabic
CHS = Chinese Simplified
CHT = Chinese Traditional
CSY = Czech
DAN = Danish
DEU = German
ENU = English
ELL = Greek
ESN = Spanish
FIN = Finnish
FRA = French
HEB = Hebrew
HUN = Hungarian
ITA = Italian
JPN = Japanese
KOR = Korean
NLD = Dutch
Nor = Norwegian
PLK = Polish
PTB = Portuguese (Brazil)
PTG = Portuguese
RUS = Russian
SVE = Swedish
TRK = Turkish

Obviously, all verbiage in the BAT files is English... :eh:
And if you downloaded my '' from the previous thread, you DO NOT need to download this, nothing of value has changed (the install method is exactly the same).
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 126 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 123 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 140 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 119 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 115 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 118 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 127 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 142 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 116 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 106 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 109 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 137 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 138 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 117 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 110 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 113 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 112 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 123 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 132 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 116 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 131 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 123 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 107 times
(1.65 MiB) Downloaded 105 times

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Steven W
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Woah! Over in the old thread:
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I seriously thought maybe a little over 200.

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