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Unofficial Windows 98 Second Edition Service Pack 3.64

Posted: 2013-03-22 13:10

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) old style:
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) new style:


Official Web site:


Official download:

Updated 2018-08-31, version 3.64:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.EXE)




Minimum 64 MB of RAM for Main Updates.
300 MB free hard disk space for (ALL) options.

Installation Guide:

[1] Install Windows 98 Second Edition (with or without 98lite).*
[2] Install all drivers for your hardware.
[3] Install Internet Explorer (any version).*
[4] Install latest DirectX 9c.*
[5] Install latest Service Pack 3.x (Main Updates).*
[6] Install optional components of Service Pack 3.x.*
[7] Install MS Office.*
[8] Install KernelEx, 98SE2ME, Revolution Pack.*
[* = Optional]


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Windows 98 banners:
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(Regular HTTP-download:


Old versions:

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.64:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.64.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.63:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.63.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.62:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.62.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.61:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.61.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.60:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.60.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.59:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.59.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.58:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.58.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.57:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.57.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.56:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.56.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.55:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.55.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.54:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.54.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.53:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.53.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.52:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.52.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.51:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.51.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.50:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.50.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.49:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.49.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.48:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.48.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.47:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.47.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.46:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.46.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.44:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.44.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.43:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.43.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.39:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.39.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.38:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.38.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.37:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.37.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.36:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.36.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.35:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.35.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.34:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.34.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.33:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.33.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.32:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.32.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.31:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.31.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.30:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.30.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.29:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.29.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.28:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.28.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.27:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.27.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.26:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.26.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.25:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.25.EXE)

Mirror #1 Europe, version 3.24:
(Regular HTTP-download: U98SESP3.24.EXE)

Posted: 2013-03-22 14:36
by !
If I remember it correctly, I always liked Windows 98. :)

Posted: 2013-03-23 05:39
New update nothing major

Posted: 2013-03-23 06:01
by !

Nice background you got there on the site. Old school. :D

By the way, the "FORUM"-link points to MSFN, maybe you could point it to here instead? Just a thought. :oops:

Posted: 2013-03-23 06:10
by Fool's design
We updated your original post as well. If you would like to add anything more, just yell! ;)

Posted: 2013-03-23 06:13
Thanks, I fixed the link to point here. We are going to have a great time. Thanks guys :mrgreen:
Some of my friends have you bookmarked. Hope to see them soon.

Posted: 2013-03-23 06:17
by Fool's design
BurnsExcellentSticker.jpg (30.41 KiB) Viewed 137383 times

Posted: 2013-03-23 09:52
by 4js
thanks for 3.20, i'm pretty happy to have all instructions (chm) in the sp
i'm not a native speaker, and didn't understand ........ the last 2 days, but
for me, you and your baby (sp) are the best

Posted: 2013-03-23 09:58
by 4js
and once again as an official member:

thanks for 3.20, i'm pretty happy to have all instructions (chm) in the sp
i'm not a native speaker, and didn't understand ........ the last 2 days, but
for me, you and your baby (sp) are the best

Posted: 2013-03-23 13:58
You are welcome. I'm pretty much done with MSFN. You have any problems, report them here. They will be ignored over there. Good day!