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Yeah, let's start one of these threads. What software do use that you can't live without? Tell us about the little utilities that do a great job of that one thing you needed to do.

I'll get the ball rolling:

I recently found the Microsoft Excel Viewer doesn't open CSV files. That's kind of a pisser given that Excel will. Here's a good small program just for that purpose:


I was delighted when I was searching for such an animal and ran across NirSoft. I have previously used another tool when attempting to slap Win 95's Explorer on 98 SE:


Now, that's something you won't need on a daily basis, but that's one of the easiest ways to figure out what the hell is going on with those shell extensions.

For Registry Cleaning, I generally recommend CCleaner:


I trust this one so much that I let it delete registry entries without backing them up and the other tools in there are pretty useful too.

When I was working on my 98 project, I found this one would find a bit more, and according to my quick eyeballing, it seemed good. I didn't use it after I got everything set up to my liking though.:

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner ... leaner.htm

While I don't entirely trust this one (I never let it go manually), I do use it to search for things that are related to junk I remove from fresh XP installs:


For general Photo/Image viewing and light editing (crops/resizing/hue, brightness, contrast adjusting), nothing will ever beat IrfanView in my eyes:


FYI, the paint plugin on that page (under plugins) makes drawing arrows to point out things you're wanting to bring attention to a breeze.

To close out (*just for the moment*) I'll mention VLC. When Windows Media Player just doesn't cut it and you just want to be able to play your audio/video files without a ton of plugins:


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