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Jessica Yaniv, a transgender Canadian woman, has filed over a dozen gender-identity discrimination complaints against women in the Vancouver area who have refused to perform Brazilian bikini wax procedures on her male genitalia.
Carpay says the women Yaniv has filed complaints against are mostly poor immigrant women who speak English as a second language. He believes multiple women have likely been forced to shut down their businesses as a result of Yaniv’s complaints, as he told the Daily Caller. In the hearing Wednesday, Maria Da Silva, an immigrant from Brazil with young children, testified that Yaniv’s complaint forced her to close the Brazilian wax business she operated out of her home.
Not speaking English is no excuse for not waxing that brave, beautiful women's nutsack!

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Don't lose your job exercising your first amendment if you're American. Funny how some can say WTF they want while others get ..... Well you know!!!

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