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You see, its people like you I get along with. You actually read the post and comprehended what I was saying. You didn't take offense and neither did I. You realized I was speaking in general and not taking a shot at you. :P

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Well, that is why we (including yourself) have gathered in here because people like us are the voices of reason in a world full of fools! :mrgreen:

(Off topic)
Speaking of slow Windows 7, sometimes if you disable the minimize/maximize animations, it will feel much quicker. I wonder if it perhaps has to do with perception of the eye. What I mean is, I never felt it was too much slower than Windows XP, Vista was a freaking glue though. *looo* Although, my measure could be wrong because I in recent years have had the privilege of owning top of the line hardware.

Currently, I'm on an Intel Core i7-3820 3.6GHz + NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 ...and... drum roll... 32GB(!) of 1600MHz RAM. A funny thing though, I ran Windows Server 2008 R2 + Hyper-V + Windows 7 x64 on this machine... and now running Windows Server 2012 + Hypver-V + Windows 8 x64... this machine feels A LOT... and I mean A LOT faster now. I think they did do some nice improvements in Windows 8 to get this kind of speed difference and I even ran defrag on a regular basis.

For example, the game ARMA 2 loads in 13 seconds instead of almost 50 seconds! Things feel a lot more snappier now. I HOPE that it all is not just because they took Aero Glass effect out of this thing! *loool* That would mean they build that effect horribly wrong.

I absolutely miss Aero Glass effect, using Windows 8 + Office 2013 feels like prison. Not only it has that moronic creepy Orwellian "Windows Store" in it, but it is UGLY! ...and I really mean it, UGLY! This new Windows 8 theme is SO AMAZINGLY claustrophobic that you wouldn't believe. At first one doesn't notice it but the more you use it, the more claustrophobic it feels.

I remember when Aero Glass came out (the only thing I disliked was the round corners) I was happy because my day of adding themes on Windows was over. It was a very fresh and light look for some reason. Never got tired of it... now this Windows 8... oh my, Windows 9x had a better and more fresh theme than this thing... heck even Windows 3.1 beats it!

Been pondering a good while now to move my main desktop machine to Linux. I mean, if I'm going to fiddle with themes, I might as well use Linux. I'm so so so sooo sick of Microsoft and their fucked up attitude toward customers that I find no words to describe the feeling. I mean, MOTHERFUCKERS, WHY NOT GIVE THE CUSTOMER THE DAMN OPTION TO TURN THE AERO GLASS ON IF THE CUSTOMER WISHES TO?

Not sure which one is worse, Microsoft removing the choice for the customer or the idiots running around on forums like Neowin cheering Microsoft to NOT giving customers the option to enable Aero Glass... I MEAN REALLY, WHAT THE FUCK!

tumblr_leq69eqUZJ1qdasero1_500.jpg (21.8 KiB) Viewed 2996 times

Ps. This is proof that using statistics is not always a good way of measurement, I use Windows 8 but I HATE IT. *lol* Even though I am part of the statistics of people running it, does not mean at all that I like this thing.


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Non Hic wrote:I guess they didn't know.
Its the same as any other package. If I wanted to do it, I could package up all the Win98 drivers with updated versions. Its not hard but very time consuming.

I understand it is a VERY time consuming job to do.
I am asking if at least the "old driverpacks" can be posted, since I can't find them anymore. is dead. Other attempts also fail.
Can anyone (wich still has a copy) to up them here?
Only after that we can talk to add/update the packs.
I think to be much easy to add 10-15% of updated drivers instead of rebuild the whole packs.


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Did you check this as well?


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Non Hic wrote:On a side note, I wonder why people still use Windows 98? In old embedded systems, legacy software and such?

Non Hic wrote:I hear you. I do buy new stuff PC wise but I fully agree on your position nevertheless. Was just generally curious how Windows 9x is used these days. :D

Indeed, I get such questions on EVERY new topic started about w98 or w2000.
I maintain a farm of old PC (the fastest is p4/2000), to do some automated Lab readings(temp, pression, etc).
Those PC need only:
-to be able to communicate with LPT and COM directly (direct low level access) - w98 = OK ! newer OS not !
-support dos(16bit) proprietary programs - w98 = OK ! newer OS not !
-be cheap, low power, not necessary high performance - w98 = OK ! newer OS not !

I(my employer) had already the w98 licenses payed. Please do the math how much cost an OS upgrade! And for WHAT?
Newer OS = acquisition software upgrade = Lab machines upgrade ! And for WHAT?
Do I need a quad core with win8/office 2013 to read continuously 24/7 the inputs from COM/LPT every second and store them on hdd?
Those PC are on a separate network only to centralize their collected data and other automations.
No internet, no viruses (most virus creators think the same about old OS)
I prefer to buy more 25$ or less PC's since my PC farm count hundreds of them.
Yes, they are old and crash, and need replaced parts.
The hardware vendors list are quite extended.
For that reason a driver pack will be blessing for me.

I deal with hardware payed per Kg, all able to do their job but only few with proper identification labels and less with available drivers for them to install.

Thank you in advance for your help!


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Non Hic wrote:Did you check this as well?

Lot of stuff there but can't find "soporific's Driverpacks mirror"

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TeDDy wrote:...Lot of stuff there but can't find "soporific's Driverpacks mirror"...

He never replied to our email. He is probably long gone. :?


2013-04-22 14:43 »

Maybe PROBLEMCHYLD or other Guru still had a copy?
As a base for future updates for the packs?


2013-04-22 15:11 »

Lucky ME!
Windows 98 Unattended Boot & Installation CD {Ajeetgagan}
It is slow (700Mb dl at 3kbps), but soon I'll start digging.

A good base to add updated drivers.

Can the "Windows98.UBCD.Feb.2008.iso" be hosted on this forum?

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TeDDy wrote:...Can the "Windows98.UBCD.Feb.2008.iso" be hosted on this forum?

Would it be legal to do so? If that is the case, that it is legal then it is OK to host it.

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